On Feb 1, 2006, at 02:25, Manuel Mall wrote:

If BAP != 0 then a Knuth box element is inserted. This acts as a fence for removeTrailingSpaces(), that is removeTrailingSapces() cannot distinguish if the Box represents an actual word in the text or is a border/ padding space reservation and stops removal once it sees a Box. So, yes IMO your
algorithm does not produce a proper result but removeTrailingSpaces()
hides this unless we have border/padding intervening.

Not sure if I got this correctly, but LineLM.removeTrailingSpaces() has been completely removed/disabled in my local sandbox, so this box doesn't serve any purpose currently (?) That's exactly why this is puzzling me... In one case, no borders/ padding, it does produce a correct result --layout doesn't remove trailing spaces anymore, and in the no-BAP case it appears it doesn't have to-- while in the other a space remains.

I'll see if I get to debugging this further. Stay tuned.



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