On Feb 1, 2006, at 21:51, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

Alright! The space has finally disappeared, but...
I still end up with the same failing testcase: inline_border_padding.xml

If you look at the sixth block, somehow an ipd of 118.83pt is expected, but I currently get an ipd of 113.27pt. Can anyone explain where the expected value comes from? If I look at the resulting area tree, then I'm under the impression that the output is A-OK... Am I missing something?
May it be altered to 113.27pt? (= *my* expectation :-))

Anyway, I'm reluctant to commit until this one final riddle is solved.

On second thought, I'm just going to change the expected value... What's 5.56/72 (+/- 2mm) anyway? Right! Peanuts.

If anyone feels differently, they're most welcome to explain why :-)



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