Do you mean something like setOutputProperty(name, value) in the JAXP

Note that PDF encryption parameters are specific to a rendering run
while the character encoding is probably more of a
environmental/factory-level config value. After all, that value can
already be configured through the XML configuration today. That means
that you might have to design such a generic property thingy for both

How would you envision that to look like? Can you provide a few lines of
Java with 2 or 3 examples?

On 08.02.2006 22:00:06 J.Pietschmann wrote:
> > === Remaining in FOUserAgent ===
> ...
> >  * PDF!EncryptionParams
> I'd like to fold these into a more generic Properties object holding
> stuff to be passed to the renderers (i.e. the character encoding for
> the text renderer). Does this sound sensible?
> J.Pietschmann

Jeremias Maerki

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