I spent a little time on the Apache Licensing page, and didn't find anywhere that said it was compatible (I'm not saying it isn't compatible, just that I didn't see anything that said it was... in the 5 minutes I looked). As for the rest of the licensing stuff, I don't know. But the answer may be on the Apache Licensing page[3] somewhere.

In any case, I suspect other FOP-dev codies will have more to say about the whole prospect of working together. I just thought I'd get the ball rolling a bit.


On Mar 9, 2006, at 7:39 PM, Ben Litchfield wrote:
Hi Clay,

I am glad to hear this sounds like a possibility.

PDFBox is currently licensed under the BSD license. I did not initially envision a change in licensing, but I am open to possibilities if necessary. Is there a reason it would need to change?

It is my understanding that Apache projects can utilize projects that are BSD licensed. Is it possible for the existing FOP pdf classes to become part of PDFBox under the BSD license?


Clay Leeds wrote:
On Mar 9, 2006, at 12:43 PM, Ben Litchfield wrote:
Hello all,

I am the main developer of PDFBox, an open source(BSD) PDF library.

FOP contains PDF library functionality(specifically classes in
org.apache.fop.pdf.*) and PDFBox is a PDF library.  Because they do
very similar things they contain a lot of overlapping code, but the pdf
package in FOP has some features that PDFBox does not and PDFBox has
some features that the FOP pdf package does not.

I propose that classes in FOP's package be 'merged' into the PDFBox
library and FOP utilize PDFBox for PDF functionality.


Ben Litchfield

Thank you for your interest, Ben. Although I don't speak for everyone, it does look intriguing to me. You may want to clarify how you envision PDFBox will be licensed (would this be a software license grant[1]?). I don't know the details on the BSD license. Also, I assume you would provide a software license grant and fill out a CLA[2].



Clay Leeds

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