Dear Gennady,
Dear developers,

I've just recently played around with mathml and tried to include that in my fop documents. I've found several tools, and among others "jeuclid". jeuclid is very complete, it is just missing a few adapter classes. I've written a small one to convert mml to svg and it works just fine.

I've then found out that there was work done merging jeuclid into fop / xmlgraphics. What is the current status of this? What are the license / technical issues? Is this desired at all?

Here  is what I would like to see:
- include jeuclid in xmlgraphics
- add code to fop to support the inclusion of "mml" documents as external images.
- add code to fop to support mml embedded within fo documents

i would be willing to provide the first two items, if it is legal to do so...


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