Hi Jeremias,

I have submitted an application. Indeed all this is unclear, I never realized mentors also had to signup. But I'm sure that with your reputation there won't be any problems ;-)

In my application I mainly copied the content of the Wiki page. Should you have any comments or suggestions to improve my proposal please don't hesitate.

I'm very excited about participating in the GSoC. I hope Apache Fop is considered an mportant enough project within the ASF because it seems that many other ASF projects are making proposals.

Thank you,


Jeremias Maerki wrote:

It looks like you two need to sign up for the GSoC directly on the
website and enter your application there based on the info on the ASF
Wiki. This needs to be completed until May 8. After that the
applications will be rated by the mentors. To me this was all a bit
confusing despite the extensive FAQs. Realized only today that I have to
sign up, too, as a mentor.


On 28.04.2006 17:24:43 Patrick Paul wrote:
Same here, I've added an entry for auto table layout, right after Vincents.


Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Ok, I've added an entry for floats implementation.

I'll be off-line from tomorrow until the 6th of may. Just hoping no
particular problem will occur during my absence. Anyway, if I don't
answer mails that's just normal.


Jeremias Maerki a écrit :

Yes, please add entries for the two projects. That Wiki page is the
first station. I'm not sure, yet, who exactly will transfer the
proposals to Google (can't remember from last year, either), but the
first step is to identify the projects inside the ASF. I'll need to read
through the whole mentoring info and stuff during the weekend. You can
list me as a mentor on both projects. If I can get help from another FOP
committer mentoring, all the better.

On 27.04.2006 16:22:44 Patrick Paul wrote:


Do you think we should have our two projects posted on the Apache Wiki ?


Is it better to go through that page, or will our proposals be forwarded directly to you anyway ?



Jeremias Maerki

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