This is great news :-)

I hope that our score(s) will stay high. Do you have your say in the score that the projects get ?

Have a nice week-end,


Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Hi Patrick,

green lights everywhere. I've already ranked it and applied for the
mentor position. It turns out that the Wiki in the ASF this time only
was about collecting ideas for projects (unlike last year). The real
project proposals are those on the Google site. At this moment, only 7
entries (including yours) have requests for the mentor position und
therefore have a score of >=4.

Now we only need Vincent who should be back on Sunday. If he enters his
proposal then, everything should be fine. Vincent, ping me when you
entered it so I can go right to the ranking part.

On 05.05.2006 18:27:50 Patrick Paul wrote:
Hi Jeremias,

Any news from GSoC ? Were you able to see my application and rank it ? How are things going within the ASF ?


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