don't hesitate to send patches if you want to clean up and better
document the code. I've recently wondered if it made sense to split
PageBreakingAlgorithm into two classes, for example, a
VerticalBreakingAlgorithm (base class and used by static-content and
block-container) and a PageBreakingAlgorithm (which adds footnote and
before-float functionality). That may make the code clearer.

On 07.06.2006 19:34:56 Apache Wiki wrote:
> + == The Fop Source Code ==
> + Even if it is well explained, the Knuth line-breaking algorithm isn't
> that easy to understand. ATM I've concentrated on the class
> layoutmgr.BreakingAlgorithm, which contains the part of the algorithm
> which is common to page- and line-breaking. It is splitted in parts
> which follow pretty closely those described in "Digital Typography". It
> relies on the following skeleton:{{{

Jeremias Maerki

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