Hi Jeremias,

I was precisely starting to think about that. It's probably time to ask
the question I had for a while regarding the patch policy: what I'm
tempted to do is open just one bugzilla entry which could be entitled
"GSoC floats", and where I would post all the modifications I will make
during the summer. I think that should be easier to track so?

The first patch I'm planning to submit (soon) will mainly contain
javadoc improvements for the breaking algorithms. Quite unrelated to
floats implementation, ATM, that's why I'm asking.

don't hesitate to send patches if you want to clean up and better
document the code. I've recently wondered if it made sense to split
PageBreakingAlgorithm into two classes, for example, a
VerticalBreakingAlgorithm (base class and used by static-content and
block-container) and a PageBreakingAlgorithm (which adds footnote and
before-float functionality). That may make the code clearer.

I'll have a look. It's still a bit early for me to perform cleanups as
I'm still discovering the code. But I'll think about that eventually.


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