(Just a quick info between dropping my bags after ApacheCon and heading
off tomorrow morning for military service).

I've been approached by Arje Cahn during ApacheCon. He invited me to the
yearly Cocoon GetTogether which (I think) will be in the week before
ApacheCon US in November. I assume this will be in Amsterdam again. I'm
thinking about going and maybe talking about FOP. There will also be a
two-day hackathon and since we have at least two committers from the
Netherlands/Belgium region it might be a good idea to join them and do
our own FOP hackathon there. Could be a good opportunity for a
face-to-face. Will also be a lot cheaper than ApacheCon. :-)


BTW, my FOP talk last week wasn't so great. Only about 7 or 8 listeners
on the second-to-last session of the conference. Last year I had a full
house with the "optimizing" talk.

Have a good week!
Jeremias Maerki

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