One of my clients reported to me that he gets a "Should be first"
message on the log. This happens in (Page)BreakingAlgorithm.removeNode().
I get the impression that the code there is not finished rather than
that is a real error condition. I'll try to extend removeNode() so it
really removes the disabled node.

See the attached demo file (You'll need italian hyphenation available to
get the error).

I'll try to fix that tomorrow. If Luca or anyone else has any further comments
on that, I'd appreciate it.

I don't have any error with this file. However, I've had to change the
font names because i_helvetica is unknown. I've tried with Helvetica and
Helvetica + font-style="italic" (as I suppose is what the "i_" means)
but I still don't get any error. How did you get it?

Regarding the "should be first" error, that's a part of the algorithm
I don't completely understand, yet. That said, the removeNode method is
called, among other places, in filterActiveNodes. This is only a guess,
but if there is a place where the removeNode's "precondition" isn't
respected, that might be here.


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