I've had another look at this.

A few debug outputs shows that the "error" arises when trying to remove the node <KnuthNode at 734 4527603+682968-135942 line:10 prev:687 dem:11527.971465493918> while the list of active nodes contains

 <KnuthNode at 734 4527603+682968-135942 line:10 prev:683
 <KnuthNode at 734 4527603+682968-135942 line:10 prev:687

This removal, however, happens at the end of the algorithm, when the best layout is chosen (just like Vincent pointed out), and in this situation a node could be rightly be removed even if it's not the first one.

We could maybe add a boolean parameter to removeNode(), stating whether it is allowed to remove the nodes out of order or not, and only the calls in filterActiveNodes() would have it "true".



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