On Aug 9, 2006, at 22:32, Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Thank you, Karthik! That's very helpful information. Looks like another
little change making a huge difference. Cool!

Now, if we can free some objects even sooner FOP might even handle files
like the one from Luis Ferro with under 256MB one day. For that we'll
need to know reliably when an FO is completely processed (including area
generation). That's something that we'll also need for
page-number-citation-last, too, BTW.

Another remote idea for improvement has again to do with markers.

On a given 'containing page', for each retrieve-boundary/-position/- class-name, there is only one qualifying area in the whole document (always on a preceding page). Currently the FlowLM stores the relevant markers in a map, so that the StaticContentLM needs to do little more than pick the right marker off the right map when resolving a RetrieveMarker. Still, IIC, this means that, when the retrieve-markers for one page have all been processed, a (possibly large) number of markers remain unnecessarily referenced by their FO --unless in case of a second pass that completely invalidates the initial marker-retrieval, there will be no more need for a great many of those (possibly containing whole tables themselves)

I'll think it over some more.



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