Hi Simon,
Simon Pepping wrote:
This is a very interesting and ambitious project.
Yes, ambitious and hard enough, but much of work is done, now we are concerning on rendering engines, first to design rendering framework/engine and afterwards on implementation for popular document types.
I would like to see such a project succeed.
I too.
But WYSIWYG editing is very hard to
achieve. That was (and is) the case with TeX, where it was tried, and
it is the case with FOP. As Jeremias already answered, FOP is not
close to such a goal. We would need a whole lot more developers than
we have now, and before that, a good design for this goal.

In principle it should be possible to let FOP know which subtree of
the FO file has changed
this is partially done in EM2
, and one could let FOP update that part of the
FO tree in memory. It is harder to determine which part of the layout
has changed. In addition, FOP has a total fit approach to layout,
which is not friendly to a partial update. Currently FOP tries to
dispose of elements in memory as soon as possible, in the interest of
minimal resource usage. A WYSIWYG approach would require that FOP
keeps FO tree, layout elements and perhaps a number of finished pages
in memory.
I don't see so deep, but it shouldn't be hard to know what to update. All needed - all depending on change. FO layout depends on quite complex parameter model (inheritance, overriding, ...), but i thing that is clear parameter dependency mapping. Memory management is a problem. FOP architecture was designed as "pipes and filters", so there are two trees (object tree, area tree) + DOM tree in EM. I think, it is not necessary to change this model, now 500MB is standard and that is enough for every document, even if memory consumption is three times larger.

Do I remember correctly that EuroMath is developed in Academia? FOP
could use a similar sponsorship. Without it, this is far too ambitious
for us. Regards, Simon

Yes, EuroMath is developed in Academia. This is the second version, Euromath 1 was scrapped. Euromath 2, is better developed, but main problem is time. There are problems, which needs time and that blocks development. Financing is OK, maybe it is possible to sponsor FOP and cooperatively develop, but I think not this time, maybe after next summer. I'll communicate to sponsorship manager.


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