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Hi Bradley,

Bradley Harrington a écrit :

I don't know if this is a known problem or not, however the
display-align attribute always puts the text at the top of the cell for
me. I have tried this with both trunk and 0.92 beta. It does work with
other XSL parsers I've tried. Here is the sample code:

It's not implemented. And because of the Knuth approach it doesn't seem
entirely trivial to implement it. Good news is that I'm currently
working on tables, so I may find a way to do it. We'll have to
eventually, anyway. Stay tuned.

Strange. I thought this worked. I just ran a simple test and it appears to work for me. PDF attached.

BTW, I've tested with an older 0.90 version but if it works with that then it should still work in 0.92beta?


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