Chris Bowditch a écrit :
> Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> Hi Bradley,
>> Bradley Harrington a écrit :
>>> Hello,
>>> I don't know if this is a known problem or not, however the
>>> display-align attribute always puts the text at the top of the cell for
>>> me. I have tried this with both trunk and 0.92 beta. It does work with
>>> other XSL parsers I've tried. Here is the sample code:
>> It's not implemented. And because of the Knuth approach it doesn't seem
>> entirely trivial to implement it. Good news is that I'm currently
>> working on tables, so I may find a way to do it. We'll have to
>> eventually, anyway. Stay tuned.
> Strange. I thought this worked. I just ran a simple test and it appears
> to work for me. PDF attached.

Hmmm, by looking at the code I had the feeling it wasn't implemented,
but I may well be wrong. I'll have another look. More later.


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