On Tuesday 19 December 2006 23:55, Manuel Mall wrote:
> Its looking OK so far and most of the layout engine tests pass. 

Just discovered the first instance of an existing testcase which gives a 
different result. Under UAX#14 the following text (Note this is plain 
text not FO markup!):

text-align="center" .conditionality="retain" 

which appears in inline_border_padding_conditionality_2.xml has only a 
single break opportunity which is before the word linefeed-treatment. 
The space between "center" and .conditionality is not a break 
opportunity as it is before a punctuation (Rule LB13). In our existing 
code this space is a valid break opportunity and under the specific 
circumstances this gives a different layout result.

I don't think this is actually a problem but it is a noticeable 
difference. It just shows that UAX#14 is designed to break typical 
written text and not programming language code which this text snippet 

> Manuel


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