On Wednesday 20 December 2006 20:43, Manuel Mall wrote:
> On Tuesday 19 December 2006 23:55, Manuel Mall wrote:
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> > Its looking OK so far and most of the layout engine tests pass.
> Just discovered the first instance of an existing testcase which
> gives a different result.

Here is another one: The current FOP implementation treats spaces other 
than NBSP, e.g. U+2009 (Thin Space) and U+200A (Hair Space) as 
suppressible around line breaks. I believe that is incorrect as the 
spec explicitly limits whitespace handling to the normal space U+0020. 
The test case which shows that is block_white-space_4.xml. It tests for 
specific Knuth element sequences which are now different because these 
spaces are now treated as not suppressible.

After making the appropriate adjustment to the checks in that testcase 
ALL testcases are now passing!

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