Manuel Mall wrote:

After making the appropriate adjustment to the checks in that testcase ALL testcases are now passing!


I'm really looking forward to see this great new feature!

Just a couple of doubts concerning the differences with respect to the old implementation (I must confess I read the Unicode Annex quite quickly ...):

Just discovered the first instance of an existing testcase which
gives a different result. Under UAX#14 the following text (Note
this is plain text not FO markup!):
text-align="center" .conditionality="retain" linefeed-treatment="preserve".
which appears in inline_border_padding_conditionality_2.xml has
only a single break opportunity which is before the word
linefeed-treatment. The space between "center" and .conditionality
is not a break

Does this happens because that space is just before a "."?

Another doubt: why aren't the "-" signs in text-align and linefeed-treatment possible breaks?


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