I've again stumbled upon uncertainties regarding the handling of
conditional borders in the collapsing-border model, and breaks inside
headers/footers. I'd like to have your opinions on these:

Table headers and footers:
Headers and footers are generated only once, and replicated on each
page. This means that cells in headers and footers only generate one
area, with the is-first and is-last traits set. Border- and
padding-conditionality don't apply here.

Or perhaps that the border-before of the table should still be
considered? I mean, for the first header it would come into play, and
for following headers it also would only if conditionality=retain.
I think I'll go that way as it more closely matches the behavior of the
separate border-model.

Table body(-ies):
There are several uncertainties:
- should the border-before of the table and table-columns be considered
  or not: do we consider that those borders only apply to the very first
  (or last) row of the table? Or also to the first (last) row on each
  page? The question remains whether there are headers/footers or not.
  I would say yes.
- when we break /within/ a cell, should the following row come into play
  for computing the border-after? As the row hasn't even been reached
  yet, I'd say no.
- when we break at a grid line, should the two rows meeting a the line
  count in border resolution? Or only the row before for the
  border-after at the end of the page, and the row after for the
  border-before at the beginning of the following page?
  I would go with that latter.
- when we break at a grid line, should the entire border appear on each
  page, or the higher half at the bottom of the first page, and the
  lower half at the top of the following page?
  I would also go with that latter.

Tables and breaks:
- do breaks on headers and footers make sense? Obviously not, excepted
  perhaps a break-before on the header's first row, or a break-after on
  the footer's last row. But as the same effect can be achieved by
  putting the breaks on the fo:table object, I think breaks on
  headers/footers should be entirely discarded.


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