J.Pietschmann wrote:

Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Shall we launch a poll on fop-user about abandoning support for 1.4 and
require 1.5 as a minimum? :-]

A poll: maybe. Abandoning 1.3: Not yet.

Did you mean 1.4 here? I thought we had all agreed to drop support for 1.3 now? I have long argued that we maintain support for it due to the length of time it takes for more recent JDKs to become available for ancient o/s which large organisations tend to use to run their batch processes on. AFICT, 98% of all o/s can now support 1.4, but not yet 1.5 so we shouldn't drop support for 1.4 for a while yet but I think its safe to drop 1.3 support.



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