Andreas L Delmelle writes:
 > Been reading up a bit on concurrency and synchronization and the  
 > likes, and I'm in the meantime quite convinced that the strategy  
 > should indeed be altered to move away from static final Maps. Don't  
 > know if Richard is still listening in and has any opinions/ideas?

I'm listening again. Been very busy for the last few weeks - moving
etc. I've missed most of the recent conversations so if there is
anything important, relevant and not covered on the 41044 messages
please let me know.

Back to the concurrency, I'm not sure entirely why this is an major
issue. As I understand it the generation of a single fop document is
mostly linear - i.e. single threaded.

Assuming we're dealing with the case of multiple documents
simultaneously (e.g. in a webapp), does anyone have usable numbers
on the number of possible threads?

 > I've been playing with trying to make the cache thread-local

If in doubt, you could always make the caching multi-level.
L1 is the current global cache. L2 is a thread-local equivalent
of the same - all pointing to the same properties (if required)
but with different access keys. The L2 cache in this case need
have no contention at all,


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