The title may be a little cryptic for those who aren’t familiar with the 
table layout code :-\ But basically it corresponds to the following:

When a row starts at the bottom of a page, there may not be enough 
remaining room to allow every cell to put a part of its content:
    | Cell 1   |                       |

----------------- Page break ---------------

    |          | This text doesn’t fit |
    |          | on the previous page  |

Currently, a 900 penalty is assigned to such a break possibility, to 
avoid as much as possible this situation from occurring.

However, it doesn’t completely prevent it, as we have seen recently on 
fop-users. My proposal is to forbid it, as anyway the output is so ugly 
that one would probably prefer some extra blank space at the bottom of 
the page instead.

Is there anyone against me applying this change?


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