Jeremias Maerki wrote:
2. I could also build a hook of some sort so the caller/user can control
the creation of the SVG user agent
Option 1 sounds more straight-forward but somehow 2 feels better even
though it's probably more complex and takes a little experimenting to do
right. It also means that the user has more work and needs to learn
about more than just FOP's event system.

I also like the second option more than the first. Maybe the two
can be combined: let FOP provide an user agent which funnels Batik's
messages into FOP's event system and which is used by default, but
allow for an override. I'd think of a service mechanism, so that
applications which want to consume Batik messages directly just
have to drop their jars before the FOP jar into the classpath, and
use lazy creation of the user agent.


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