--- Comment #33 from Luca Furini <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-05-14 07:37:23 PST 
(In reply to comment #32)

> The footnote does not fit, not even one line, but the
> table-footer cannot be moved (either completely or partially) to the next page
> either.

Brilliant investigation, Andreas!
So there are two main differences between "normal" footnotes and those in
table-header / footer (when table-omit-*-at-break = false), as the latters:
- need to be repeated in each page where their related table appears
- cannot be "delayed" to the next page as this would lead to a duplication, nor
they can be moved together with the header 

>From the implementation point of view, this seems to suggest that, as the
table-header (or footer) and its footnotes are actually indivisible (*), their
overall length could be used to generate the table elements ... altough this
would not be 100% accurate as the proper space resolution with the other
surrounding footnotes would be lost.

Mmhh, I need to think about this some more time ...

(*) Well, there is at least a case when partially deferring table-footer
footnotes would not be completely ugly: when the table content is finished, so
that there would not be footnote repetition in the next page

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