--- Comment #36 from Andreas L. Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-05-16 
09:23:54 PST ---
(In reply to comment #35)
> I think this patch should only be applied when it is ready, looks like there 
> is
> still quite a bit of cleanup to do.  Lets try and have a model that
> encapsulates a complete solution to the problem in all cases otherwise
> supporting this feature will be more difficult and confusing for users.  I
> think ElementListUtils.collectFootnoteBodyLMs() could be revised somewhat.

I'd be happy to look into that. Can you be more specific? The method in
question is a general-purpose utility method that can potentially be used by
all related LayoutManagers to extract the list of footnotes from an
element-list generated by one of their descendants. I don't really see what
could or should be revised, so if you have any suggestions...

It works like a charm anyway, apart from the mentioned anomaly with

Of course, we could also leave it another two years... ;-P

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