--- Comment #40 from Andreas L. Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-05-17 
03:04:03 PST ---
(In reply to comment #38)
> > An intermediate solution could probably be implemented the following way:
> > - in ActiveCell.Step, add a List field that would contain the 
> > FootnoteBodyLMs
> > encountered during the last call to gotoNextLegalBreak;
> > - in TableStepper.getCombinedKnuthElements, when iterating over the active
> > cells to create the CellPart instances, get those FootnoteBodyLMs in the 
> > same
> > time. A small detail to pay attention to is to not re-get them if the active
> > cell doesn't contribute new content to the step. If there are some 
> > footnotes,
> > create a KnuthBlockBox, otherwise create a normal Box.
> > And that should be it basically...
> > I'll see if I can submit a patch to illustrate my ideas in the next days.
> Cool, we await your input.

Well, I did not really wait... ;-) 
I've already tried this approach, and I got this working, apart from 'not
re-get them if they do not contribute content'. If you could tell me what
condition I need to check for, that would save me the time to go looking.

Right now, I have:
-> added a footnoteList member to ActiveCell, with accompanying accessor
-> modified gotoNextLegalBreak(): if the element is a KnuthBlockBox and has
anchors, then add the footnotes to the added member-list
-> modified TableStepper (loop +/- line 207) to use the accessor; if the
ActiveCell has footnotes, a KnuthBlockBox is generated further on, else a
normal Box.

Thanks for the helpful feedback so far! It's giving me better insight into
table-layout as well, which could come in handy at some point. ;-)

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