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(In reply to comment #8)
> (In reply to comment #7)
> > ...if the line-breaking algorithm
> > has a choice of either breaking before or after a space, it will always 
> > break
> > before it.
> Here's where I think our opinions might differ.  I believe it should break
> after the space.  

Oh, but the result /is/ correct, strictly speaking. A bit unexpected, maybe,
but definitely not a bug.

The point is well taken though. I've been looking at the related code, and was
beginning to wonder...

This is more meant for the layout-specialists, but using simple
start-alignment, the sequence currently generated for a preserved space
consists of:
- a glue
- a penalty p=0
- a glue
- an auxiliary box w=0
- a penalty p=INFINITE
- a glue

>From a higher-level point of view (the LineLayoutManager) a break on the first
penalty will always be favored over a break on the second, hence why I think
the algorithm chooses to break before the space rather than after. With a
preceding and following word, the above sequence would be enclosed by boxes
corresponding to those words. If the break /has/ to be somewhere in between the
two word-boxes, the preserved space in between always appears at the start of
the next line.

Again, not incorrect, but not the most elegantly looking outcome either.

Actually, it's even slightly worse. Given a sequence of those preserved spaces,
as many as possible will be placed on the line as trailing white-space. That
is: all but the very last one. The zero-penalty appears to be always favored as
the last break in the sequence...

<snip /> 
> I searched in the spec for quite awhile trying to find where it clearly says
> which line-area gets the whitespace in a wrapping block-area, but I couldn't
> find it.  The closest I found was this, which unfortunately is a little
> ambiguous.

Indeed, the rules about where exactly line-breaks are supposed to end up are
not defined by XSL-FO itself. FOP uses Unicode UAX#14
( as reference for the most part, which
does not explicitly forbid a break before a space (although it is discouraged,

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