--- Comment #19 from Sean Griffin <>  2009-08-03 11:03:00 
PST ---
I know it's been a long time, but I was just wondering if anyone was able to
get anywhere on the last remaining issue described in this bug.  The last
discussion centered around whether the Knuth sequence for preserved whitespace
was more complicated than it needed to be and that, possibly, by moving the
penalty=0 after the glue instead of before the issue would be fixed...assuming
it doesn't then cause problems with alignment/justification.

As predicted, one of my clients is finally complaining about the behavior and
is asking when it will be fixed.  Obviously I can jump in and try to fix myself
to help in the effort, but I'm guessing that in the time it takes me to learn
the layout algorithm and Knuth concepts someone with more experience in this
stuff could have already resolved the issue.  Plus, it sounds like Andreas
might have already started working on a fix?

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