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> (In reply to comment #15)
> > 
> > This is probably the biggest issue. This may require to handle a sequence of
> > white spaces in its whole instead of each character individually. Sorry, I
> > don't have enough energy ATM to look at this issue into more details. Being
> > sure that every combination of white space options (white-space-treatment,
> > white-space-collapse, linefeed-treatment...) is handled correctly requires 
> > an
> > extensive study.
> I was thinking about introducing a special type of auxiliary glue, ...

Or maybe even, we could benefit from a space-resolution pass in line-layout
too. Replace the white-space sequences by one unresolved SpaceElement, and
resolve those in the LineLM, at the end of collecting the inline elements for a
That would probably be the most comprehensive approach, since it could then be
folded into space-start/space-end resolution (currently non-functional), and it
would make it much easier to detect sequences of consecutive preserved
white-space characters across FO boundaries...

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