Some time ago (well, almost 2 years!) we spoke about the possibility
to allow users to define borders and padding for the page regions [1].

This week I finally found some time to do it, so I have it working on
my local copy ... but then I was struck by a dilemma: the additional
traits about borders and padding should be set for the region viewport
(class RegionViewport) of for the region reference area

This sentence in the specs (4.2.2. common traits) made me decide to
put them in the RegionRefernce, as the padding results in a reduction
of the content rectangle bpd / ipd:
"Only a reference-area may have a block-progression-direction which is
different from that of its parent."

But (6.4.14. fo:region-body), where it says that padding and borders
should be 0, also says that it's the region viewport that has margins
(so it would have paddings and borders too, if allowed).
Moreover, the code already present in
AbstractPathOrientedRendere.handleRegionTraits() (not to mention
Murphy's laws!) seem to suggest that these traits should belong to the
region viewport.

So, a couple of questions:
- do we still think that supporting borders and padding on regions
when relaxed validation is on would be something good (or, at least,
not bad)?
- is RegionViewport the right place for the additional traits?



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