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> There's both in FOP. block-container has the border on the viewport.
> table-cell has it on the reference area (table-cell doesn't generate a
> viewport). But I fear we might actually be wrong about having the border
> and padding on the viewport area.

Ok, so the region reference is the right place for borders and
padding; a posteriori it seems reasonable: the viewport defines the
"window", the reference area starts defining what we see ... (but I
could easily convince myself of the other option too :-) )

> It's interesting that we treat background and borders together in the
> renderers although 4.9.4 http://www.w3.org/TR/xsl11/#rend-border makes a
> distinction where the background is to be applied. But we don't support
> background-attachment so that didn't get noticed that way.

I could split the matod
AbstractPathOrientedRenderer.drawBackAndBorders() in two
drawBackground() / drawBorders() methods, as the background trait is
still in the viewport while borders and padding will be in the
reference area.

Thanks for the feedback (to Andreas too)


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