On 19.06.2008 13:26:21 Luca Furini wrote:
> Some time ago (well, almost 2 years!) we spoke about the possibility
> to allow users to define borders and padding for the page regions [1].
> This week I finally found some time to do it, so I have it working on
> my local copy ... but then I was struck by a dilemma: the additional
> traits about borders and padding should be set for the region viewport
> (class RegionViewport) of for the region reference area
> (RegionReference)?

Good question.

There's both in FOP. block-container has the border on the viewport.
table-cell has it on the reference area (table-cell doesn't generate a
viewport). But I fear we might actually be wrong about having the border
and padding on the viewport area. In 6.5.3, block-container:

"These determine the orientation of the start-edge, end-edge,
before-edge and afteredge of the content-rectangle of the viewport-area,
and of the padding-, border-, and content-rectangles of the

The same on inline-container, for example.

> This sentence in the specs (4.2.2. common traits) made me decide to
> put them in the RegionRefernce, as the padding results in a reduction
> of the content rectangle bpd / ipd:
> "Only a reference-area may have a block-progression-direction which is
> different from that of its parent."
> But (6.4.14. fo:region-body), where it says that padding and borders
> should be 0, also says that it's the region viewport that has margins
> (so it would have paddings and borders too, if allowed).
> Moreover, the code already present in
> AbstractPathOrientedRendere.handleRegionTraits() (not to mention
> Murphy's laws!) seem to suggest that these traits should belong to the
> region viewport.

Don't confuse margins with border/padding. Margins are on the outside of
a construct, i.e. outside the viewport. Borders/padding are on the

It's interesting that we treat background and borders together in the
renderers although 4.9.4 http://www.w3.org/TR/xsl11/#rend-border makes a
distinction where the background is to be applied. But we don't support
background-attachment so that didn't get noticed that way.

I guess we have a corpse in the basement. ;-) Can anyone confirm?

> So, a couple of questions:
> - do we still think that supporting borders and padding on regions
> when relaxed validation is on would be something good (or, at least,
> not bad)?

I guess so although I'd rather have background on simple-page-master. ;-)

> - is RegionViewport the right place for the additional traits?
> Regards
>      Luca
> [1] 
> http://www.nabble.com/Re%3A-svn-commit%3A-r225580----xmlgraphics-fop-trunk-test-layoutengine-testcases-page-master4.xml-to511937.html#a511937

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