bonekrusher wrote:
I will test this out later today on my home PC. I get a different set of
errors on different machines.

In the mean time I ran a new svn check out (as you suggested) on my work PC
and got the same original error message e.g.

l (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)

So its seems I have two different problems. I thought I might be doing
something fundamentally wrong, but I was able to build FOP 0.94.
As Jeremias suggested, I will try to download the trunk again from my home
PC. I don't want to confuse the  error reports from one machine to another
as they appear to be different.

Well, it's incorrect URL syntax. Presumably
(see line 353) is being passed in as a file path, not a URL.

<echo>basedir ${basedir} build.gensrc.dir ${build.gensrc.dir}</echo>
immediately in front of line 352 to verify. It could be a mixed forward and backslashed path.

In any case, it seems to be getting converted into a badly formed file: URL within the ant task.
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