Hi Andreas,

My parser/transform environment is the standard which comes with FOP,
however when I use FOP for development I also use SAXON for transformation
and sometimes pure Sax2 for parsing. It depends.


Peter B. West wrote:
> Andreas Delmelle wrote:
>> On Jul 15, 2008, at 14:55, Chris Bowditch wrote:
>>> bonekrusher wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>> Thanks Peter. 
>>>> C:\foptrunk2\trunk\build\gensrc\org\apache\fop\events\event-model.xml 
>>>> This file is missing.
>>> That file is created by the build process. I think Peter was talking 
>>> about how the build process references the file internally.
>> Yeah, but after so many builds, one would assume that the file would 
>> have been generated in the meantime.
> Yes, that's what I'm thinking.
>> I had similar issues after the introduction of the event-module (but 
>> those were NPEs, because the above mentioned file was not correctly 
>> generated).
>> In the end, I got it working by making sure that the build process was 
>> using the exact same XML parser and XSLT processor that were distributed 
>> with FOP.
> The transformation process probably needs to be made more robust.
> Phil, what's your parser/transform environment?
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