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Just to make sure: which version of FOP are you using? The line numbers don't
seem to match FOP Trunk, so it could help if we knew whether the issue still
exists, and which version of the source files your comments refer to.

<snip /> 
> I have to admit, that I don't understand, what lines 197-203 should do (Ok, we
> prepend a slash to the url, if there is a colon and a slash in the url, and 
> the
> colon is places before the slash, but why?), so I'm not sure that I can give a
> proper solution for that problem.

The reason: if the URL is a file URL, and the portion after 'file:' contains a
colon, and the first slash (if any) appears after that colon, then the leading
slash is missing (can happen on Windows, where some
implementations return a "URL" like 'file:C:\...', which is obviously invalid)

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