--- Comment #2 from Thomas S. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-07-29 02:28:51 PST ---
> Just to make sure: which version of FOP are you using? The line numbers don't
> seem to match FOP Trunk, so it could help if we knew whether the issue still
> exists, and which version of the source files your comments refer to.

Indeed giving line numbers isn't useful without specifiying version :-)!

I already tested this issue with 0.95b, with the sdame result. The line numbers
correspond to release 0.94, but I looked at TRUNK version, and the relevant
source isn't changed there.

In the actual trunk (rev. 679326), the line numbers are 235-237, the code block
seems to be unchanged since rev. 551874.

> The reason: if the URL is a file URL, and the portion after 'file:' contains a
> colon, and the first slash (if any) appears after that colon, then the leading
> slash is missing (can happen on Windows, where some
> implementations return a "URL" like 'file:C:\...', which is obviously invalid)

Ooops, sometimes I forget this "other" operating system :-), now I understand
the code. And I also think that my patch (see comment #0) will fix this issue,
cause it only changes the behaviour of URLs with protocol != "file:".

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