Andreas Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Seems like a nice job you did here!

Thanks. Do you know, wether my assumptions are valid ? I've been
guessing my way along and it would be nice for someone in the know to
check up on the code. The quesetion is, how to make the code

What I don't understand is, how the linking stuff in the renderers
integrates with the Resolvable stuff in the area tree. I do not add
any resolvables in the area tree for the SVG images.

> If you like, you can already open a Bugzilla entry for this, and
> attach a diff against FOP Trunk there.

No problem. Only, what should I do when I later change the code
further? Followup on the Bugzilla entry with a new patch ?

> This makes it more probable that someone else picks it up (in case
> you're really unsure when you'll be able to work on it further).


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