Andreas Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> From what you have described, it seems to be a valid approach, but
> without looking at the actual code, it's still an impression only...
> The only thing I'm slightly concerned with is that the proposed
> solution would only work for PDF output (not for the AWT preview
> panel, for example).

Thats right. You have me there. On the other hand, a solution working
across all output formats would still need adjustments within each
output format as far as I understand (In that formats PDF
renderer). Since links are stored as annotations in the inline parent
(whatever that really is ;-) ) and it's only possible to store a
single link there which always covers the complete object the area
tree would have to be extended to support svg links. So the renderers
would have to be extended all to support this extension ... of course
this would be much better as a solution since it would allow to
implement links from other graphical formats as well.

On the other hand, that solution is hugely more complex to implement,
at least for me ...

> However, since it is by far the most popular output format, this is
> not really a big issue. Supporting it for one format is still a lot
> better than nothing at all. :-)

That's my impression to. I'm coming from docbook, so now it works for
docbook->pdf. The next step on that front would be, to get graphical
links to work in docbooks HTML output using image maps. But that has
nothing to do with Apache-FOP.

> (... snip very helpful area-tree / resolvable explpanation ...)
> As such, you don't need them, if you can resolve the links in the SVG
> entirely at the rendering stage. As Jeremias did mention, if you need
> to track them from the layoutengine (in which case the page they
> point to may not exist yet in the area tree) then you would need a
> Resolvable implementation to make sure the resolution is triggered
> automatically when the corresponding 'id' is encountered on a
> following page.

Ahhh ... ok. I get it. Since the PDF output engine can work with
unresolved links by placing something in the PDF trailer, the PDF
renderer does not rely on links being reolved in the area tree.

However, other output formats may have a problem with this, ok.

> Indeed. Upon adding a new attachment, you can mark the earlier version
> as 'obsolete'.

Ah, ok. I'll post the bugzilla ID here when I have uploaded the code.


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