Hi Jeremias,

Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Good idea. Going further, we could think about splitting the FAQ into a
project part and a product part. To make the release procedures easier
we might want to split the website into a project website and a
product/release website. What we have now just takes too much work which
is at least partly what keeps us from releasing more often (which we
should do). Just an idea (I would still need to find time to put action
behing words, though).

I’m not sure of what you mean by project and product/release? AFAICT the
sections of the website we update before a release are the sections
relevant to the product, so we would still have roughly the same amount
of work to do. As for myself, I didn’t even bother to update the
‘Development’ tab, which is mostly out-of-date now, when I took care of

Now there is also the wiki that I’d consider to be the ‘project’
website. I think it would make sense to move as many things as possible
there, since it’s easier to manage, update, modify, etc. For us as well
as for contributors, who wouldn’t have to look for source files hidden
deep inside the source tree, submit patches that then require review,
commit, build, publish, wait a couple of hours for changes to appear,

On a more extreme side, the whole website might also be converted into
a wiki...

On 18.11.2008 12:14:41 Vincent Hennebert wrote:

What do you think of removing entries in the FAQ section that are
specific to 0.20.5 and earlier versions? This would make it shorter, so
less likely to scare people away, and in the same time easier for them
to find the answer to their question. Plus it would stress the fact that
we no longer support 0.20.5.

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