Hi all,

I would like to call for a merge of the AFP branch [1] back into trunk.

This branch [1] contains a major rewrite of pretty much all the original AFP 
code.  The majority of
the AFP code is now homed in its own package separate from the renderer code in 
The AFPRenderer itself is now only sone 800 or so lines long down from the 
previous 1800+ lines and
now more properly extends the AbstractPathOrientedRenderer.  There is also now 
much more shared code
now betweeen the PDF and AFP renderers.

Major new functionality in the branch includes :-

* An AFPGraphics2D implementation which provides the ability to use Batik to 
drive the production of
 AFP Graphics (GOCA) output from SVG.
* Resource group leveling, external streaming and de-duplication of images and 
graphics using
IncludeObject and ResourceGroup.
* Native image embedding support (e.g. JPEG, GIF, TIFF) using ObjectContainer 
and a MOD:CA Registry
* More robust AFP font parsing, although this is still in need of some rework 
in the future.

I realize that testing these new AFP features in FOP may not be easy for some 
of you.  You can
however use the Infoprint Solutions (IBM) AFP Workbench Viewer for Windows
(http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=psd1P4000360) to view the output.


+1 from me.


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