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you've put a lot of work into the GOCA branch and it has some great features, but....

There's one thing I don't like, which Jeremias points out in this thread:

http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/xmlgraphics-fop-dev/200811.mbox/[EMAIL PROTECTED]

We currently use the PDF plugin in our software and I prefer not to upgrade the plugin without knowing what the justification the interface change is?

Providing support for native image embedding in AFP involves providing the image data (in whatever form it may be) without any requirement for any image specific processing. So there is one handler which takes care of this in AFP, and this handler needs to declare itself able to support the handling of more than one image class. This use case was probably not envisaged when the PDFImageHandler interface was first introduced. Hope this explanation helps :).


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