On Nov 24, 2008, at 15:08, Adrian Cumiskey wrote:

I would like to call for a merge of the AFP branch [1] back into trunk.

<snip />

If the issue as discussed in the parallel thread is ironed out, I see no reason why not.

+1 in that case.

Adrian, just a small FWIW: Chris has drawn the right conclusion, I think. No need to take any of the questions/remarks personal (even though I understand this is difficult after the time you've spent on perfecting the code in that branch).

If you ever have doubts about the respect that other fop-devs have for your work, I think everyone would agree that your font-detection package and the FontCache are amongst the major enhancements to have been added in the past couple of releases together. No need to worry there. If I judge correctly, the work in the AFP branch could very well go the same route.

OTOH, I feel compelled to mention that attempting to kill a raised, perfectly legitimate issue in an unreasonable way (by taking it to be a personal offense), may alienate some people... From a diplomatic viewpoint, not a very sound move to make right before you decide to launch a vote. :/

As the vote indicates, no offense or disrespect intended.
Thanks a lot for your continued efforts, making FOP an even better product!



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