This problem was fixed in Java 5 and 6. The bundled parser and XSLT
engine are fallbacks if no JAXP property has been set. And a JAXP
property is set if you use properly configured jar files, such as the
ones Xerces, Xalan and Saxon offer for download. The bundled Xerces
and Xalan are also in a different package, to avoid any clashes with
a separately installed version.


On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 04:26:02PM +0100, Andreas Delmelle wrote:
> On 31 Dec 2008, at 13:44, Simon Pepping wrote:
> Hi Simon, Phil,
>> This can be achieved by manipulating your classpath. If you ensure
>> that saxon's jar file is before xalan in the classpath, the correct
>> definition as quoted below is ensured automatically. This is achieved
>> because the jar file has this setting in its META-INF/services
>> directory.
> Correct, but ... this is only true in case the Java runtime does not  
> come bootstrapped with its own XSLT processor. Sun and IBM both bundle  
> Xalan, which becomes the preferred implementation unless you either  
> override it using the JAXP system property. GNU Classpath is an example 
> of a Java runtime that does not bundle its own XSLT processor.
> Another option to force Saxon to be the chosen XSLT implementation at  
> runtime, is to specify the 'bootclasspath' system property, and make  
> sure Saxon's JAR ends up before the 'native' Xalan version.
> Same for the parser. Fiddling with the normal classpath alone is not  
> sufficient to ensure that another version than the bundled one is used  
> at runtime.
> To sum it up, the options are:
> 1° set the related system properties via the command-line
> 2° set them in a file (should be located in $JRE_HOME$/ 
> lib)
> 3° force the bootclasspath via the command-line, so that the desired  
> implementations appear before their 'native' counterparts
> 4° override the implementations by dropping the related JARs in  
> $JRE_HOME$/lib/endorsed
> Both option 1° and 3° affect only one particular run of one application.
> Option 2° and 4° will affect all Java-XML applications running on the  
> system.

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