--- Comment #2 from Andreas L. Delmelle <>  2009-03-10 
14:53:00 PST ---

Thanks for the patch. I'm going to apply it, with just one change.

Not sure if anyone else agrees, but the modification to AbstractLayoutManager
seems to belong in BlockStackingLayoutManager...? 
It seems cleaner to override notifyEndOfLayout() in BlockStackingLM, and depend
on the runtime type-checking to trigger the correct implementation, instead of
forcing the explicit instanceof check on all concrete subclasses.

In BlockStackingLM:

    /** {...@inheritdoc} */
    protected void notifyEndOfLayout() {
        // Free memory of the area tree
        this.parentArea = null;

Should have the exact same effect, but the change is then made only to the
affected class source.

(I'm not too happy with the explicit references to FlowLM and PageSequenceLM a
bit further down --I put them there myself, though :-S At any rate, references
to concrete subclasses in an abstract superclass just always smell a bit

BTW: if using caching is beneficial, we may want to consider defaulting to
'true'. Opinions?

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