--- Comment #9 from Laera Dario <>  2009-03-13 03:19:28 PST ---
(In reply to comment #8)
> > One thing I'm slightly unsure of: current FOP Trunk has the call to
> > notifyEndOfLayout() for the TableCellLM at the end of the
> > getNextKnuthElements() method. For virtually all other LMs, this call is
> > triggered at the end of addAreas(). Does anyone know if moving that call to
> > addAreas() could cause trouble? It breaks no tests, but I'm wondering if it 
> > was
> > intentional or something that was forgotten and nobody ever noticed.
> notifyEndOfLayout() in getNextKnuthElements() would be the mistake, not the
> move. If the tests run through ok, you should be fine. Otherwise, we are
> missing a test. ;-)

Alas, I'm no more able to comment this kind of details, I lost some of my
knowledge in few months :(

I agree about other comments

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