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> Created an attachment (id=23375)
 --> ( [details]
> Revised patch proposal
> OK, I'm about ready to commit. 

Small omission: the "-cache" in CommandLineOptions needs to be deleted.
Otherwise, this looks ok, but I haven't done any tests myself.

> One thing I'm slightly unsure of: current FOP Trunk has the call to
> notifyEndOfLayout() for the TableCellLM at the end of the
> getNextKnuthElements() method. For virtually all other LMs, this call is
> triggered at the end of addAreas(). Does anyone know if moving that call to
> addAreas() could cause trouble? It breaks no tests, but I'm wondering if it 
> was
> intentional or something that was forgotten and nobody ever noticed.

notifyEndOfLayout() in getNextKnuthElements() would be the mistake, not the
move. If the tests run through ok, you should be fine. Otherwise, we are
missing a test. ;-)

> Apart from that, is everyone OK with using:
> member: conserveMemoryPolicy
> getter: isConserveMemoryPolicyEnabled()
> setter: setConserveMemoryPolicy(boolean)

/me nods

> -> via the command-line: -conserve? or something more cryptic, like -cmp? ;-)

-conserve is fine IMO.

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