--- Comment #5 from Andreas L. Delmelle <>  2009-04-16 
16:44:19 PST ---
(In reply to comment #4)

Previous remark was not entirely correct, yet...

Fact remains: if the child's keep has a higher strength than the parent keep,
it should win. If we have a keep.within-line="5" and a nested
keep.within-column="10", the inner keep should 'win'. Following the changes in
the patch, we would always get the line-context keep, and won't even consider
the other. This is still so after the additional changes I proposed earlier.

If a line-context keep is specified on a node, a page-context keep, no matter
how deeply nested, should still be honored if it is stronger. This is
especially the case for forced keeps, but also for integers (see above). I
read: keep the inline content together in a line, if possible. If it isn't
possible, we may break into multiple lines (since the keep is not absolute),
but still there is a higher preference for keeping at least part of the content
together within a column. If we insert a line-break somewhere within that part,
the break should preferably not be considered as a column-break.

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