--- Comment #15 from Andreas L. Delmelle <>  2009-05-31 
09:10:18 PST ---
(In reply to comment #12)
> Still two hyphenation testcases to look at...

Spent quite some time today trying to figure out what was causing those to
fail. Turned out to have nothing to do with the patch, but with other unrelated
changes I had made locally... :/

I have addressed the change mentioned in comment #10 by adding a check for a
break-class of -1 to the condition, so such penalties are no more considered as
a legal break.

Now that all tests pass, all that's left is to start some improvements and add
the testcases. For the moment, the improvements can be kept down to a minimum,
since with some minor modifications, it seems to be working nicely already. The
only case that is still not correctly processed is the one mentioned in the
beginning (see description mentioned by Vincent): if we have a block with
keep-together.within-column="5" and a nested block with
keep-together.within-page="10", the inner block is still split over multiple
pages. Maybe, this situation is solvable by adding 'hinting' penalties (with
negative values) before the inner block, which would make a page-break before
or after better than a break inside that block. Remains to be seen whether this
will work as expected, as I remember a test Luca Furini did once, where he
demonstrated that the effect of the penalties' values is marginal on the total
demerits, unless the difference is big enough (?)

More later.

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