--- Comment #3 from Vincent Hennebert <>  2009-06-18 
04:07:38 PST ---
Hi Peter,

(In reply to comment #2)
> (In reply to comment #1)
> > Thanks for this patch, Peter!
> > 
> > I know this is going to be very useful, as questions regarding that
> > functionality pop up on the user list from time to time. We'll look into it,
> > and will keep you informed. I currently have other priorities, but as soon 
> > as I
> > see an available slot of time, if no one beats me to it, I'll go into it in
> > more detail.
> I was wondering whether there is anything I can do to make this move forward. 

Not much until we have reviewed the patch and provided comments. Then, if
modifications are needed you may want to do them yourself and provide an
updated patch, which would speed up its integration in the code base.

I've only had a quick look so far and can't give much feedback yet. I'll try to
have a deeper look in the next days. A few things I noticed, though:
- the IllegalArgumentException in ExtensionElementMapping will have to be
replaced by a call to FOP's event notification mechanism (so that the message
can be localized, among others things). Have a look in, e.g., to see how it is used (TableEventProducer in
that case)
- the new features will have to be documented on the website. The corresponding
source files may be found in the src/documentation/content/xdocs/trunk
directory. The ideal place probably is extensions.xml, with a link in
- there are Checkstyle warnings in the new code. You can set up Checkstyle
using the checkstyle-4.0.xml at the root of the project.

Those are things that we will have to do before applying the patch anyway, so
if you want to speed up the process you can have a go at them.

Back later, hopefully, for comments on the functionalities themselves.


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